Myself and Beau Started working on Believe during the Covid Pandemic in 2020 and on July 27th 2021 we launched our first collection Candy and Floss Collection.  That collection was motivated by bringing joy, hope, and colour back into people’s lives after majority of people faced a challenging 2020/2021. Our Grounded Collection was inspired by Beaus love and journey with Breathwork and Kirsty regrounding herself through the power of Breathe, we thought there was no better name for our earthy collection than to call it GROUNDED.

Believe the label was built by two people who believed in themselves enough to dive deep into a world they both knew nothing about. I Kirsty left my Offshore secured job and worked on Believe full time I would never have been able to do this if I did not BELIEVE in myself. We hope by following our journey you too will be inspired to push through the boundaries and live your dreams without fear of judgment and limiting beliefs. You only need one person to BELIEVE in you and that person is YOU!!

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Much Love Kirsty and Beau xoxo